My latest book, released August 8, 2011.

Images of America:Harrodsburg

$ 21.99 USD

Harrodsburg is the oldest permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains and was founded in 1774 by James Harrod. Images of America: Harrodsburg covers the city limits from the late 1770s to the early 1960s and provides over 220 images from the Armstrong Collection, the Harrodsburg Historical Society, the Mercer County Public Library, and the Kentucky Historical Society. Within these pages, experience and explore Harrodsburg during the pivotal era at the beginning of the great commonwealth—from the settlement of Old Fort Harrod to the “Saratoga of the West” mineral springs and spas. Follow the growth, hard times, and recovery of Harrodsburg, including government and growing businesses, advancements in education, the rise of religious institutions, and local and visiting celebrities. These well-preserved photographs from entrepreneurs, grand openings, and expert news reporting allow the reader to step back in time.

Author Bio: Bobbi Dawn Rightmyer and Anna Armstrong, both members of the James Harrod Trust preservation committee, have worked together to create this photographic tribute to the people, land, and ancestors of Harrodsburg. These images will touch many memories for long-term residents and pique the interest of visitors and newcomers to the bright
and colorful past of this historic town. 

Price $21.99  


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